Full Body Yoga Flow | 20 mins

Gently move through some basic yoga postures for a full-body yoga experience, setting you up for the day or warming your body up for another form of exercise!

Drawing from Eugene Peterson's book, The Contemplative Pastor, we explore what it means to pray into the will of God.

Peterson parses out three tenses in the Greek language – the active voice, the passive voice, and the middle voice. The active voice takes action (i.e. I counsel my friend), the passive voice receives action (i.e. I am counseled by my friend), while the middle voice “actively participates in the results of an action another initiates” (i.e. I take counsel).

In applying this to prayer, Peterson writes,

I do not control the action; that is a pagan concept of prayer, putting the gods to work by my incantations or rituals. I am not controlled by the action; that is a Hindu concept of prayer in which I slump passively into the impersonal and fated will of gods and goddesses. I enter into the action begun by another, my creating and saving Lord, and find myself participating in the results of the action. I neither do it, nor have it done to me; I will to participate in what is willed.

This practice comes from The Abbey, an online community for lovers of Jesus and yoga. Each month we release two full-length practices and this short practice is part of a longer slow flow. Get in on the goodness at theyogaabbey.com