About Caroline Williams Yoga

For years I walked out of yoga classes with tear-stained cheeks after experiencing the overwhelming closeness of God on my yoga mat. There was something so powerful about focusing my attention on just being present for that hour of class and the freedom I found in it was intoxicating.

Some of us were made movers – we feel more alive, more able to hear from God and feel His presence, more relaxed and in tune with ourselves, when we’re moving. We run, we dance, we spin, we hike, we connect with God by moving our bodies.

Maybe you can relate?

The physical practice of yoga and the sweet truth of Jesus have been put in separate boxes for too long. God is for our freedom and our wholeness. It’s up to us to take Him out of the Sunday Church box and invite him into the holy drudgery of Monday through Saturday.

Yoga Class

What can you expect?

An online yoga and worship experience  that will meet you and speak to you right where you are.

Each practice starts with a few minutes of deep breathing and Gospel encouragement. This is where we lay the physical and spiritual foundation for the practice, taking the time to draw our awareness onto our mats, and connect with our breath and our hearts.

Then we’ll move through a series of poses that will help strengthen, lengthen and tone our bodies. You’ll find a range of classes from gentle to power yoga, most of them sequenced in the Vinyasa style (connecting breath to movement, creating a sense of flow). Each practice always ends with a time of deep relaxation and surrender – Savasana – and prayer.

If you’re brand new to yoga, sign-up to get my Beginners Guide that includes a 20 minute beginners yoga video. If you’ve been practicing for awhile, check out some of my most popular videos here.


More about me

I live in New York City with my husband Brian and our dog Ellie. Before we called NYC home, we lived in Seattle, DC and Atlanta. In a past life I worked in politics, but am grateful for the chance to step away for a season and pursue world peace by helping cultivate inner peace.

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years and am a certified Yoga Instructor with over 500 hours of training. I've had the privilege of training with Holy Yoga (225 hrs), Laughing Lotus Yoga Center (200 hrs), the Prenatal Yoga Center (85 hrs), and Katonah Yoga (40 hrs).

I currently teach weekly Jesus-centered yoga classes and prenatal yoga classes in NYC.

In 2018 I launched an online community for lovers of Jesus and practitioners of yoga called The Abbey. The Abbey is a space where you’re encouraged and empowered to meet Jesus on your yoga mat. Beyond monthly resources, The Abbey also serves trained yoga teachers, equipping them with the tools to help them lead transformative yoga classes.

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