Join me for a Yoga for Lent Book Club!

"A different kind of hunger. A different kind of fast."

I'm tired of randomly picking something I sort've enjoy and choosing to "fast it for Lent," as if by doing so I was actually drawing closer to God and being transformed on the inside. Anyone else? I want to engage in a spiritual practice that challenges my comfortable beliefs about God and Faith, that actually reflects back to me all the places I've grown lazy and complacent and blind. You too?

Then join me for a totally free online book club for Lent. We'll be reading the book 40 Days of Decrease by Alicia Britt Chole starting on Wednesday, March 1 through Thursday, April 13. For six days of the week, Alicia provides a RICH FEAST of Scriptural and devotional content to chew on, pointed questions to help you reflect, and (my favorite) a different fast for each day. One day she invites us to fast Tidy Faith; another day she challenges us to fast Armchair Jesus (can I get an AMEN?!).  This book will shake you up in all the holy ways. 

40 Days of Decrease seeks to reintroduce Lent as a wise mentor that encourages us to reframe unanswered questions, darker seasons, and spiritual disillusionment as the shedding of earthly illusions and the gaining of God’s reality.
— Alicia Britt Chole

Because the content for each day is so rich (and because, let's be real, the stakes are high here guys. This is our one life! We are called for a such a time as this!) I recommend carving out 30 minutes a day to sit with this. I know. 30 minutes is a lot. These next 40 days are an invitation to sacrifice a little bit of sleep, and show up with a little more intentionality. When you sign up to join the book club you'll get a weekly email from me just checking in and offering you some grace and encouragement. Some of those emails will come with a short audio meditation to help you listen to and connect with the heart of God. 

And if you're planning on sticking around social media during Lent, you can join our private Facebook group to connect with others and share your experience and reflections. On your public profiles, use the hashtag #yogaforlent to connect with others wrestling with the same questions and growing through the same fasts as you. 

And since you and I know that getting on our yoga mats is one of the most effective ways to work Truth into our bones, I'll be posting a series of 4 videos on YouTube throughout Lent, rooted in the Word and inspired by this book. 

So sign up below and pick up a copy of the book from Amazon (the Kindle version is only $0.99!!), Barnes and Noble's website, your local bookstore. And maybe even pick up a book for a friend (or five).