A sanctuary for bodies, minds, hearts, & souls

The Abbey is an online community of people who believe in the power of yoga to connect us to the loving heart of God in and around us. 

Each month we lean into a different theme using the tools of yoga, Scripture study and prayer disciplines to pursue wholeness in every breath.

Each week we gather in a private Facebook group to link arms and spur each other on in our unique callings.

Each day we take a deep breath and remember that this is holy ground.

*Doors to join The Abbey are currently closed and will open on September 4. Join the Interest List below!*

    Each month, all Members of The Abbey will receive...

    >> 2 full-length yoga videos (one Gentle Flow and one Power Flow) and accompanying playlists

    >> A deep-dive study of a story, theme, or verse from the Bible

    >> A guided audio Lectio Divina practice

    >> A guided audio meditation practice

    >>Private Facebook Group to support, encourage, learn from, and grow with each other

    Each month, Leaders of The Abbey will receive...

    **All the content above PLUS

    >> Sequencing breakdowns of that month’s practices (with tips on how to cue and what to look out for) so you can replicate some or all of these flows in your classes

    >> Theme note cards based on the month’s Scripture study with nuggets of wisdom and reflecting questions to ground your class and inspire your students

    >> Advanced workshop on a relevant topic to equip you to be a smarter, wiser, and more embodied leader. Example workshop topics include:

    The Art of Creative Sequencing: Designing Yoga Classes That Transform Physically & Spiritually

    Dealing With the Pain in Your Asana: All About the SI Joint

    Stillness, Silence, Solitude: Contemplative Tools that Inspire & Transform

    It’s All Sanskrit To Me: Translating Om, Namaste, and the Ancient Spiritual Foundation of Yoga

    How to Succeed at the Impossible: Tools for Teaching Open Level Classes

    Strength Training is the New Black: Why it’s Important and How to Incorporate it Into Your Practice

    Yoga for Healing: An Introduction to Leading Grief & Trauma-Informed Classes

    >> Leaders-only Facebook Group with weekly rituals to help sharpen your teaching skills, gain new ideas, and connect with other leaders

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      The Heart of The Abbey

      We value Presence over performance, perfection, productivity, pursuit, prejudice, priorities, position, and pride.

      We believe in disco balls and glitter showers and shaking what the good Lord gave us because the moment we start taking ourselves too seriously is the moment we forget who we are.

      We believe this is holy ground, this is sacred space, and you are the dwelling place of God.

      We believe in the power of God to meet us anywhere & we believe in the power of yoga to help facilitate that union.

      We don't believe in easy answers.

      We’re not here to shout for attention – ours, each other’s, or God’s – we’re here to remember we belong to each other and rest in our Belovedness.

      We welcome those from all faith backgrounds and no faith backgrounds and those unsure of how to feel about their faith background.

      We think the mystics may have been on to something... 

      Our theme for 2018: CREATION

      Why study the creation story? A few reasons.

      For one, it deals with God’s decision to physically create, to deal in the material, tangible, messy, and diverse. To create a physical place (here) and time (now) to make heaven known. The Bible begins by painting a picture of a disordered and chaotic world and God hovering over it like a Mama Eagle over her eggs. The first act God does is speak and create. Perhaps the same is still true today...

      For another reason, we think the Creation Story has been done a disservice by our (church) culture. We tend to limit our conversation around it to a reductive theological debate or brush past it completely once we graduate from Sunday School felt boards. 

      We believe there's a lot more to the story than that. We believe this foundational story may just have some foundational things to teach us about God, ourselves, and how it all fits together. Each month we'll lean into a different "day" of creation, chewing over its meaning then and now, tangibly & spiritually, in our bodies & in our hearts. We'll draw from different faith streams to deepen our understanding and strive to see in color rather than just black and white. 

      This intense study will transform your understanding and awareness of the always-present always-creating God.

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        For we are the product of His hand, heaven’s poetry etched on lives, created in the Anointed, Jesus, to accomplish the good works God arranged long ago..png