Hearing God Series

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Hearing God Series


Join me for a three-week yoga journey and Bible study all about learning to hear from God.

We’re diving deep into the story of the prophet Elijah, tracing his journey from hearing God on a mountaintop in a big powerful way, to seeking God in the barrenness of a desert, and finally, hearing God speak in a quiet whisper from a cave. 

Each week, we examine a different piece of this story. Here’s what you’ll receive each week:

  • 35-45 minute yoga practice you can stream or download to practice from the comfort of your home. Modifications are offered throughout the practice to accommodate all experience levels.
  • Scripture download
  • Journaling worksheet you can download or print out to help you reflect
  • 5 minute audio meditation to use alongside the journaling worksheet to help you quiet your mind to better hear God and process what he’s speaking to your heart

You’ll receive the content over three weeks in your inbox, ensuring that the truth of it soaks in.

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